Mammoth Mammoth
Sunday, 14. 05. 2017   21:30 Uhr

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH return to Europe to deliver another powerful addition to their list of prior heavy rock convictions. Over the course of their 10 year career, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH have left a stamp on the music scene proving to be one of Australia’s hardest and heaviest rock exports.The band are well documented for their high octane, unpredictable live shows, fronted by the dynamic yet uninhibited vocalist Mikey Tucker. They’ll be storming down a highway near you soon for their Mount The Mountain Tour which kicks off in April.

Mikey Tucker: "We’re pumped to roll out the new songs across some of our favourite clubs in Europe. Writing this album was like working on a top fuel drag car. We stripped back the engine, then rebuilt it to run faster, louder and more badass, this time though we added nitrous……and a cup holder’’.


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