A.I.R. infodetox: Fermentlab
DI, 18.08.2015

[Ferment Lab]

18. August 2015 to 1. September 2015
Messschiff Eleonore

Agnieszka Pokrywka (Helsinki):
[Ferment Lab] proposes “a participatory, multi-locative space for food and social fermentation focused on exploration of intertwines between bacterial and human culture”.

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A.I.R. infoDETOX: Filefound
SA, 01.08.2015

[<<< FILE FOUND>>>]

1. August 2015 to 15. August 2015
Messschiff Eleonore

aTxE (Basque) & La Pelos (Cordoba):
[<<< FILE FOUND>>>] checks in “on the use of bio-toxic-machines as contestation and resistance to the information imposed. They design a tattooing machine as an artifact, a bio-machine, a deconstructive virus that creates new files from the borders”.

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Gibling NEU 2015
MO, 15.06.2015   18:00 Uhr

Michael Aschauer gestaltet die neue Gibling Edition

Am 15.6.2015 um 18.00 beginnt das neue Giblingjahr an der Donaulände mit der Verbrennung der alten Giblinge.





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A.I.R. infoDETOX: Bee Frequency Farming
DO, 04.06.2015


4. June 2015 to 18. June 2015
Messschiff Eleonore
Bioni Samp (London):
[Bee Frequency Farming] proposes to “set up and manage a ‘bee frequency log hive electronic apiary’ (sound installation). Daily harvesting (recordings), processing (audio) and distributing (listening) via qr code ‘seed’ cards and streaming online”.Artist in Residency: Summer 2015 residency @ Station Messschiff Eleonore, Linz, Austria.

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Driving Gallery
FR, 01.05.2015   12:00 Uhr

Driving Gallery

Während der schönen Sommertage betreibt der Linzer Künstler Hofer Manfred seine "Driving
Gallery" an unserem Donauufer.


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